How To Host The Perfect Disney Mom Playdate Party (Stress-Free)

(Some of the things mentioned in this post has been sponsored by our friends at Disney Parks)

Every month I’ve made it a goal is mine to get together with other moms through our Lily Pads Moms Group. This month we decided to do a Disney #NowMoreThanEver Party that was Lion King & Rapunzel Themed. We wanted it to be fun and easy! Our Disney Mom Play Date Kit came in the mail and we had a blast planning the whole thing!


Here are a few tips on how I did it:

  1. We decided to go to Rain Forest Cafe because the backdrop and surroundings fit perfect for The Lion King & Rapunzel theme. Also going to a restaurant meant that I did not have to cook food! Just ordered and eat! Simple!

  2. For party favors we went to Dollar Tree and they had Disney themed puzzles and toys for a dollar! It was perfect for our games

  3. We had a Disney matching game provided to us by Disney Parks but since most of our kids were so young we instead used it as a drawing for prizes that included a Disney Lion Guard pinanta, a JAKKS Toys Rapunzel doll, a Popped Passion popcorn cake, and a host of other prizes.

  4. For the adults we had a Disney themed fortunes teller printed out. The goal was to see who can fold it correctly with only seeing it one time. That was fun!

  5. The kids were allowed to come dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. Olivia dressed as a Rapunzel in her cute purple dressed but of course she refused to take a picture.

At at the end of the day we just had good company and a ton of fun Disney style! Sure did make us miss our trip we took to Disneyland back in May 2019. We all got a taste of Disney but really want to experience it again!

Here are a few photos of our party:

Motherhood with Two Toddlers | Toddler Life | Mom Life | Must-Have Items For Toddlers


I still can’t believe I get to be a mom of these two AMAZING miracles. God is so very gracious to allow me to mother them. I have to keep this in mind in the midst of endless mess, temper tantrums, and loads of laundry. I wanted to share with you all an update on motherhood with a three year old and a one year old.

Josiah turned one back in March so this is a bit late but he is however now 15 months. Apparently he is considered a “late walker” as he refuses to walk on his own without you holding his hand. The boy can walk but ONLY if you hold one of his hands. You don’t even have to hold both hands, just one hand. The doctor said not to worry because every child walks at different times. His legs are straight and he’s right on with his development. He just needs to believe that he can walk on his own. I feel like this is something the Lord will have me share with him in the future as he learns to walk with God.

Life is BUSY! I am constantly thinking about a house project that needs to get done, getting the kids ready for school activities and THEN after-school activities. Even though my kids are young, I always keep in mind that God has already gifted and purposed them for what they should be doing. I just need to keep an eye out for what that is and steward in the right way. God will do it that I am certain. One thing I have to work on honestly is PATIENCE. It’s kinda funny because recently I asked in a instastory what area do they (moms) need the most help in and “PATIENCE” was definitely the number on thing that moms listed as the hardest thing about motherhood. I totally get it. I pray about this more and more. With two toddlers it’s become even harder, but again I have to remember that my kids are beautiful gifts from above. Still not easy, but it helps when I have the right perspective.

So here are the updates:

Olivia is hands down a SMART, VERY SMART little girl. I know all parents say that but what makes ME say that is when I’m not looking and what she is doing and saying. I watch her very closely and I’ve noticed that she watches me very closely as well. We are both similar in that. The mother-daughter connection in my opinion is SO different. I’m having to pray everyday because I know my number one goal is to introduce her to God and having a relationship with HIM! As she has gotten older I am aiming to help her understand her value and strength. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like even at THREE! That blows my mind daily. She has made me level up in every area including showing up for myself. With her watching I want to show her HOW to show up for herself and not be held back by fear or timidity.

Josiah is SUCH a boy. He talks different and interacts with us differently. He LOVES to kiss and is somewhat of a little flirt. He has his favorite person in his daycare class and YES it’s a little girl. They are two peas in pod. They really enjoy being around each other. It’s cute to watch. He’s only 15 months at this point, but I love seeing his personality shine through. He LOVES his sister. She is pretty much the only person that can make him laugh super hard. He laughs at EVERYTHING she does. She loves him too. Her favorite thing to do with him is wrestling. We’ve had to calm her down in this area due to being too rough. One day he will be able to handle himself but right now she’s a little rough with him. He’s okay and he never cries. He just laughs. He starts early childhood in the Fall at the same school as his sister and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only will they be at the same school, but our drive to pick them up will be cut in half. Josiah’s daycare is 30 minutes away from Olivia’s school in the opposite direction. Talk about tired! It’s worth it for us to have them both in amazing places that really focus on care and development.

As for us as a family, we definitely want one more child but we’re focused on getting healthy, losing weight and transitioning the kids to a place of independence. Well at least as much as they can get right now. That brings me to this….

A List Of things you NEED for Toddler Life. This list are my MUST-HAVES! They have been game changers for us. The list isn’t that long but definitely have helped us manage this whole mom of two thing.

(Just click on the photo or link to learn more!)

  1. The seat covers are perfect for when you go to a public restaurant or if you just want to make sure your little one is clean while using the bathroom. Those little hands find themselves everywhere.

  2. Toddler seats for the toilet. These are great because they fit with most home decor and we have two. One for the kids bathroom (upstairs) and one for the guest bathroom (downstairs). There is even a wall hook to keep it out of the way when not needed.

  3. This play mat is MY favorite! It looks like a regular rug but is the consistency of a high quality play mate. Totally a favorite item!

  4. Yes this is a toy. But MOST toddlers want to play with the remote. This is there VERY own remote control.

  5. This high-chair is my favorite because it grows with your kid. My daughter is three and doesn’t need it anymore but we still use it as a booster seat for her. She’s still not tall enough to eat at the table in a regular chair. We got the same chair for Josiah and he’s in the high chair portion. He will soon transition to the booster chair as well.

  6. This step stool is great for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Also it fits with most home decors as well.

  7. Easy to clean toddler bibs. These are waterproof and SUPER easy to clean. No washer machine needed.

Best Learning Tool For Toddlers (up to age 3)

This article is sponsored by Monti Kids and we received product to facilitate this review however all opinions are strictly my own.

I’m that mom that thinks ahead. I’m always thinking about what my kids need and how they are developing. I remember thinking about this a ton with my first born and now that I have a son that is 16 months, I find myself thinking about it even more. When I find a resource that literally calms me, I have to share it. It’s my way of extending a helping hand to other moms to say “Hey, it will be okay. Try this.” My recommendation today comes because I LOVE this brand and product and what it is  doing for BOTH my children. Even though my daughter is three and half, she still loves using these tools with her little brother. What is it I’m speaking of?

Monti Kids: This is a subscription plan that comes to your home as your child grows and develops. The time frame is set at every 3 months. It’s designed and created by internationally certified Montessori educators and is safety certified for children between 0-3 years old.


We have the Level 5 with Josiah and here are a few things I learned in my experience:

  • Make sure to watch the videos before you get started. It will help guide how you introduce it to your child. Once I watched the videos, I totally understood what he was learning and the importance of each step.

  • I love how it reinforces learning freely the montessori way.

  • Josiah is naturally drawn to the pieces. He wanted to figure it out until he got it right.

  • I was able to see my child learn as I watch him interact with each piece. This was fascinating and comforting. I felt like I had found what works for us.

  • The material of the tools are HIGH quality. The wood is made out of sustainable-forest wood and non-toxic paint. It is also toddler proof so if you have a little on that likes the noise of the piece coming together, it can handle it.

  • I’ve found that there aren’t really any other educational toys that we need.


I honestly want to get away from more technology and computer games and do more of this type of educational learning. This is all they need and I see the benefit of introducing this to them at an early age. My only regret, not know about this sooner because I remember wanting to find things for my daughter when she was 12 months that could aide in her learning. Most things were online. I am grateful that she can now use it along side her brother even though he is the primary learner at this point. To learn more about Monti Kids, visit

Let me know your thoughts! What level will you get your child?


Does My Kid Have Speech Problems?

Toddler Life

This question went through my head when my daughter was just two years old. She had just turned two years old and like a overly worrying mom, I started to be concerned. It’s the comparison trap. I started to notice how other children would say complete sentences. She’s in early childhood so I paid very close attention to this process and none of her teachers would ever tell me there was an issue. I just tried to talk more clearly with her to help her diction but it didn't seem to get better until recently.

After asking some friends, they felt like she was just fine and I was worrying just a bit too much. But I knew something needed to happen. The first thing I remember feeling is guilt. A ton of mom guilt like I should have done more reading with her or maybe I should have done this or that. It was very hard because most of us just want the best for our children.

Tips for New Moms

Then I found Speechblubs. You know those moments in life when you come across something and the first feeling you feel is gratitude. I’m grateful for the makers of this app found on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is currently rated as the best speech therapy app on the platform is an amazing tool. I allowed Olivia to use it and play with it but I never know if it is actually working. While driving the other day, she goes on to say the words in a sentence with SUCH clarity that I almost cried. It worked! Her diction and sentence structure is so much better these days but this tool is definitely reinforcing it. I will be using it on my son as well.

Here are some key benefits I saw that I loved

  1. The app uses other kids to teach them

  2. The power of repetition is encouraged

  3. It’s developed by experts and speech therapist

  4. It’s great for even children with learning disabilities!

Again, I don’t recommend things I don’t use so if you want an extra piece of mind first you have to let go of guilt and comparison. Second, just try this out and see how it works for you and your family! I know you will love and will see the benefit! Check it out by going here. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts as well!

It's My Birthday Week....Turning 35!

Okay…so let me be REAL honest with yall on this here blog. I wish I could say I’m doing backflips about turning 35, but honestly I have a HUGE mix of emotions. Part of me is mourning my youthful age. I know, before you say “You’re not old!” let me just share where this all began. I was recently filling out a information form online, I can’t remember what website I was on, but it asked me my age group. The age group I’ve been checking for like FOREVER has been 18-34. While filing out this form I realized I can no longer check that box in few days. The next box is 35-45…..and that’s when that huge lump that comes in your throat when you are coming into the realization of something you have been fighting….yes, I am getting older. I’m turning the big 35!

Part of me is like….”okay you doing well for 35. You’ve traveled the world a little bit, finished your undergrad degree, started on your post grad work (almost done with that), got married to the love of your life, had two beautiful kids, started some businesses and is currently living life on your terms, your time (submitted to Gods plan of course). another word for full-time entrepreneur, you wrote a book that was featured on major TV platforms, radio stations and you had an award-winning business AND blog. Don’t forget about running a triathlon and building a home from scratch! You have reached some financial milestones in your life and have embraced the MANY lessons life have thrown your way.” So why am I dreading 35…….

I guess it’s because I don’t FEEL 35. I feel like I stopped aging around 28, at least internally. Don’t get me wrong, life has made me mature FAR past 28, but inside I still feel vibrant, young, and full of energy ready to conqueror this world for God Glory. I have so many things I want to accomplish and 35 is reminding me that TIME waits for no one. Like no one. These next 5 years will be epic because it is NOW time to put the rubber to the pavement and make some moves. This plan I have is ALL submitted to God and will only happen in his time. I have TOO many scars trying things out my way.

So yes….it’s bittersweet, but I’m choosing to embrace the sweet! The sweetness that God has given me health and vision. Two things i need to accomplish my goals. One of which is to feel better at 40 than I did at 35. That will take work and effort, but I’m certain I can do it! I have 5 years to go….and this for me is my time clock! I have little ones watching and if I’m going to do ANYTHING…now is the time to do it. This one is for my babies!