Best Learning Tool For Toddlers (up to age 3)

This article is sponsored by Monti Kids and we received product to facilitate this review however all opinions are strictly my own.

I’m that mom that thinks ahead. I’m always thinking about what my kids need and how they are developing. I remember thinking about this a ton with my first born and now that I have a son that is 16 months, I find myself thinking about it even more. When I find a resource that literally calms me, I have to share it. It’s my way of extending a helping hand to other moms to say “Hey, it will be okay. Try this.” My recommendation today comes because I LOVE this brand and product and what it is  doing for BOTH my children. Even though my daughter is three and half, she still loves using these tools with her little brother. What is it I’m speaking of?

Monti Kids: This is a subscription plan that comes to your home as your child grows and develops. The time frame is set at every 3 months. It’s designed and created by internationally certified Montessori educators and is safety certified for children between 0-3 years old.


We have the Level 5 with Josiah and here are a few things I learned in my experience:

  • Make sure to watch the videos before you get started. It will help guide how you introduce it to your child. Once I watched the videos, I totally understood what he was learning and the importance of each step.

  • I love how it reinforces learning freely the montessori way.

  • Josiah is naturally drawn to the pieces. He wanted to figure it out until he got it right.

  • I was able to see my child learn as I watch him interact with each piece. This was fascinating and comforting. I felt like I had found what works for us.

  • The material of the tools are HIGH quality. The wood is made out of sustainable-forest wood and non-toxic paint. It is also toddler proof so if you have a little on that likes the noise of the piece coming together, it can handle it.

  • I’ve found that there aren’t really any other educational toys that we need.


I honestly want to get away from more technology and computer games and do more of this type of educational learning. This is all they need and I see the benefit of introducing this to them at an early age. My only regret, not know about this sooner because I remember wanting to find things for my daughter when she was 12 months that could aide in her learning. Most things were online. I am grateful that she can now use it along side her brother even though he is the primary learner at this point. To learn more about Monti Kids, visit

Let me know your thoughts! What level will you get your child?