It's My Birthday Week....Turning 35!

Okay…so let me be REAL honest with yall on this here blog. I wish I could say I’m doing backflips about turning 35, but honestly I have a HUGE mix of emotions. Part of me is mourning my youthful age. I know, before you say “You’re not old!” let me just share where this all began. I was recently filling out a information form online, I can’t remember what website I was on, but it asked me my age group. The age group I’ve been checking for like FOREVER has been 18-34. While filing out this form I realized I can no longer check that box in few days. The next box is 35-45…..and that’s when that huge lump that comes in your throat when you are coming into the realization of something you have been fighting….yes, I am getting older. I’m turning the big 35!

Part of me is like….”okay you doing well for 35. You’ve traveled the world a little bit, finished your undergrad degree, started on your post grad work (almost done with that), got married to the love of your life, had two beautiful kids, started some businesses and is currently living life on your terms, your time (submitted to Gods plan of course). another word for full-time entrepreneur, you wrote a book that was featured on major TV platforms, radio stations and you had an award-winning business AND blog. Don’t forget about running a triathlon and building a home from scratch! You have reached some financial milestones in your life and have embraced the MANY lessons life have thrown your way.” So why am I dreading 35…….

I guess it’s because I don’t FEEL 35. I feel like I stopped aging around 28, at least internally. Don’t get me wrong, life has made me mature FAR past 28, but inside I still feel vibrant, young, and full of energy ready to conqueror this world for God Glory. I have so many things I want to accomplish and 35 is reminding me that TIME waits for no one. Like no one. These next 5 years will be epic because it is NOW time to put the rubber to the pavement and make some moves. This plan I have is ALL submitted to God and will only happen in his time. I have TOO many scars trying things out my way.

So yes….it’s bittersweet, but I’m choosing to embrace the sweet! The sweetness that God has given me health and vision. Two things i need to accomplish my goals. One of which is to feel better at 40 than I did at 35. That will take work and effort, but I’m certain I can do it! I have 5 years to go….and this for me is my time clock! I have little ones watching and if I’m going to do ANYTHING…now is the time to do it. This one is for my babies!