Does My Kid Have Speech Problems?

Toddler Life

This question went through my head when my daughter was just two years old. She had just turned two years old and like a overly worrying mom, I started to be concerned. It’s the comparison trap. I started to notice how other children would say complete sentences. She’s in early childhood so I paid very close attention to this process and none of her teachers would ever tell me there was an issue. I just tried to talk more clearly with her to help her diction but it didn't seem to get better until recently.

After asking some friends, they felt like she was just fine and I was worrying just a bit too much. But I knew something needed to happen. The first thing I remember feeling is guilt. A ton of mom guilt like I should have done more reading with her or maybe I should have done this or that. It was very hard because most of us just want the best for our children.

Tips for New Moms

Then I found Speechblubs. You know those moments in life when you come across something and the first feeling you feel is gratitude. I’m grateful for the makers of this app found on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is currently rated as the best speech therapy app on the platform is an amazing tool. I allowed Olivia to use it and play with it but I never know if it is actually working. While driving the other day, she goes on to say the words in a sentence with SUCH clarity that I almost cried. It worked! Her diction and sentence structure is so much better these days but this tool is definitely reinforcing it. I will be using it on my son as well.

Here are some key benefits I saw that I loved

  1. The app uses other kids to teach them

  2. The power of repetition is encouraged

  3. It’s developed by experts and speech therapist

  4. It’s great for even children with learning disabilities!

Again, I don’t recommend things I don’t use so if you want an extra piece of mind first you have to let go of guilt and comparison. Second, just try this out and see how it works for you and your family! I know you will love and will see the benefit! Check it out by going here. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts as well!