How To Host The Perfect Disney Mom Playdate Party (Stress-Free)

(Some of the things mentioned in this post has been sponsored by our friends at Disney Parks)

Every month I’ve made it a goal is mine to get together with other moms through our Lily Pads Moms Group. This month we decided to do a Disney #NowMoreThanEver Party that was Lion King & Rapunzel Themed. We wanted it to be fun and easy! Our Disney Mom Play Date Kit came in the mail and we had a blast planning the whole thing!


Here are a few tips on how I did it:

  1. We decided to go to Rain Forest Cafe because the backdrop and surroundings fit perfect for The Lion King & Rapunzel theme. Also going to a restaurant meant that I did not have to cook food! Just ordered and eat! Simple!

  2. For party favors we went to Dollar Tree and they had Disney themed puzzles and toys for a dollar! It was perfect for our games

  3. We had a Disney matching game provided to us by Disney Parks but since most of our kids were so young we instead used it as a drawing for prizes that included a Disney Lion Guard pinanta, a JAKKS Toys Rapunzel doll, a Popped Passion popcorn cake, and a host of other prizes.

  4. For the adults we had a Disney themed fortunes teller printed out. The goal was to see who can fold it correctly with only seeing it one time. That was fun!

  5. The kids were allowed to come dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. Olivia dressed as a Rapunzel in her cute purple dressed but of course she refused to take a picture.

At at the end of the day we just had good company and a ton of fun Disney style! Sure did make us miss our trip we took to Disneyland back in May 2019. We all got a taste of Disney but really want to experience it again!

Here are a few photos of our party: