Business & Breastfeeding



Business and breastfeeding; two words that are rarely in the same sentence. Over the past 7 months that’s exactly what I’ve been going through. Re-launching my businesses and breastfeeding the newest member of our family and let me tell you it has not been easy.  

To give you some context on why this is important let me start by saying that my daughter was a formula baby. When she was 5 days old she was losing weight so fast she almost had to go back into the hospital due to me not being able to give her what she needed. Well that’s at least what I thought. Being a first time parent my husband and I sorta panicked given that she was only 5lbs 7ounces at this point and was losing weight fast. Over the next 4 weeks we went through  a ton trying to find the formula that worked with her body and making sure she was gaining weight. It was a rough road. 

This second time around with Josiah I was determined to breastfeed now that I was ready and more educated on the process. I hired a lactation specialist due to me having prolactinoma which complicated the breastfeeding process the first time around. 

The reason I wanted to write this post is to encourage mompreneurs to press through. As a mom that now has experienced both formula and breastfeeding, it’s true, breast is best BUT there is nothing wrong with formula. Here are my pros and cons of each: 



• Allows for you to get more sleep as your spouse can help with feedings

• No need to pre-pump before going places.  

• Less demanding on your body

• You can eat what you want  

• More freedom with your schedule  


• Baby immune system is not as strong

• Generally speaking, If baby is in daycare be prepared for colds often  

• Baby will likely have issues adjusting to formula if you begin at birth  

• May experience more reflux and gas issues  

• Babies tends to be much larger and gain more weight. (don’t worry they lose it by age 2) 

Bottom Line: Formula benefits the mom/parents the most. The baby is usually the one that suffers the most if at all. Every baby is different but this was my experience.




• Baby’s immune system is supported by moms milk

• Far less colds even when baby is in daycare

• No issues with constipation (as long as mom watches what she eats)  

• Little to no issues with acid reflux

• Less fussy of a baby  

• Baby doesn’t gain that much weight and is more in line with average weights  


• Moms schedule is determined by her milk supply  

• Milk production can increase or decrease based on what you eat  

• Mom has to watch what she eats based upon on the baby responds. 

• Your life revolves around the baby and milk production  


Bottom Line: Breast is best for your baby if you press through. While harder on you than formula, it’s sacrifice that is sooo worth it!

Now mix this in with growing a business and what you have is a slower growing business. My business is moving super slow these days but you know what, I’m totally content with that. I realize my kids will not always be this small and I already feel they are growing too fast and time is moving! 

So if your a mom breastfeeding and trying to grow or launch your business, know that you don’t have to become everything you desire overnight. It’s totally okay to grow slow. It’s actually more peaceful. Rest in God, and remember to trust in Him. He has you and will provide for you! No rush, no anxiety, just trust Him. Take it one day at a time, one step at time. Remember to seek the one that gives wisdom to produce wealth daily! I call it my morning appointment with the boss! His ways are perfect!

Know that this journey is not always easy, it’s not always glamorous and yes you may feel like your moving slower, and you probably are compared to others. But remember not to compare, resist the urge because your gift is in your hands. Your baby!! Visit for inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. Those video will inspire you to be content. You just have a little person that is such a gift needing you more than ever in this season. I’m rooting for you! Like always...let’s go higher! 😘

Fight For Your Faith & Family Series: You Can Choose Your Faith & Family First While Growing Your Business

This is a topic that is so near and dear to my heart for a few reasons. For one, I come from a background where my mom was divorced twice before I turned 18. I don’t blame her, she did the best she could with what she knew and her influence around her. The impact those two relationships had on me when they were broken was not felt until much later in life. Now that I am married with two children of my own, I’ve found so much value in my faith and keeping my family together AND healthy.  Being a entrepreneur by nature, I knew that I would have my own business and after graduating from college as a single woman I had a few businesses. It was my main focus and I enjoyed my time growing it. Once I got engaged and married a few things changed on my end: 

1.)  I no longer desired the vision I had created for my “single” life. My focus now was creating the vision my husband and I had together as a couple. That takes time, trial and error as we were just learning how to be married and living with each other. (Aka “dying to your selfish ways”)

2. It was weird but all my plans were null and void because they did not include my husband. Where was he in this picture? I was willing to give it all up and start over. That was rough and very hard. But a sacrifice I made for my marriage first. It was also something we discussed in detail before getting engaged. A very important conversation to have I might add. 

3. Once I was engaged, my whole desire changed. Yes I wanted to grow my business but more so I wanted to have a healthy marriage. I didn’t realize it but I brought in so much junk that caused a ton of issues between us. This has taken me years to figure out and truthfully I’m still in process. Most married people no matter how long they have been married will tell you they are STILL learning their spouse. It’s a life long process. 

So here I am in my 5th year of marriage and I’ve noticed a boom in entrepreneurship but not the same boom of success happening in marriage and faith. Trust me I’ve looked and search for help in all three areas....then I realized that this is an area under attack. There are a few but not many that have found success in these areas. Truth is, families are under attack. Marriage is under attack and the enemy of our souls is hoping we are too busy building our businesses to ever see how broken or vulnerable our families really are. 

One person I admire and would LOVE to interview is Joanna Gaines. The woman does faith, family, marriage and business like a pro! Here are few things I’ve learned from her just by watching: 

1. She includes her husband and kids in her business on every level. They are apart of her brand.  

2. She’s not afraid to be herself and share her faith in any venue. 

3. She has a clear vision of what she wants and she stays true to that.  

4. She is strong in her relationships both with God, her husband and her children.  

5. She’s intentional. I read in one of her articles that she has to schedule in family time and then be fully present. Not only with her husband but with her kids. Each one. That’s takes time, energy and focus.  

This is the beginning of my new series of Marriage & Families Under Attack. My husband and I refuse to sit around, fight our own fight without helping others as well. We’re learning and growing but I already know my business is not where it could be because I just have other priorities. That is okay and actually wise...don’t feel bad mom or wife for focusing on what really matters long term. Yes build that business, but don’t do it at the expense of your faith, family or marriage. More to come....

What to do when you feel unmotivated and uninspired?


I’ve been there. Plenty of times. Depending on the type of person you are you can be a happy upbeat person that is full of self-motivation and still at times feel unmotivated and uninspired. If you have any hormonal issues it tends to be a bit worse, like in post-partum. Thankfully this time around on my second child I did not experience postpartum depression but rather postpartum anxiety. I had to learn really quickly what I needed to do to stay productive and  motivated to move forward. Needless to say, it was trial and error. Some things worked others didn’t. Then there were those days when I just had to chill and call it a day. I encourage you to take note of when you are inspired and motivated. Here are a few things I do when I get into a stump:

1.)    Listen to inspiring and motivation podcast. Something about hearing others that have overcome or are going through a similar season helps me get out of my low.

2.)    PRAY! I love Cultivate What Matters Write the Word journals

3.)    Get some fresh air. I love a fresh cool breeze and the sight of a beautiful sunset. Its something about it that doesn’t need any added help in refocusing my attention.

4.)    Write down all that I’m grateful for and really appreciate it.

5.)    Get a new journal or planner. You can find a few of my faves here, but as a journal junkie this always gives me the motivation to dream and just let loose on paper. My journal is my best friend when no one else is available…well even when they are…it’s a safe place that doesn’t judge.

6.)    Cook a health, well-balanced meal. I just found this out about myself since getting married. I realized I actually ENJOY making healthy meals for my family. It therapeutic! Who knew?! Cooking wasn’t my favorite thing to do but now it’s so fun. I didn’t realize this but as long as I have the energy and the food in the house….let’s cook! I use Hello Fresh most of the time because its super easy and I don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. Just follow the directions. So fun!

7.)    Do something active. Before the babies, my husband and I use to ride around on our bikes. We love to get out the house and do something active but now a days, we just go to the trampoline park and have fun there on a date night.

8.)    Turn off all electronics and grab our kids, roll around on the floor and forget about responsibility for an hour. Really try it….it’s so fun! If you really want to have fun try just doing it until every gets tired…no time limit required.

9.)    Record a video of yourself that is speaking to the you in 5 or 10 years. My husband and I did this while we were dating and engaged (we knew early on that we would get married) and it really does make a huge difference because you know you the best. So speak to her!

10.) REST. No really go to sleep. Hire a babysitter or let the kids spend time with family and go to bed.  Sleep. Oh, I dream about getting more than 2 hours of sleep. Honestly, it hard for me to sleep for longer than 2-3 hours. As a mom, I’ve found I’m always thinking of my kids or what they are up to and doing. Even when all is well, I still don’t FULLY sleep. The joys of mommyhood!

As always..let’s go higher.  

7 Tips to Bouncing Back After Having A Baby



Today marks 3 months since I had my son Josiah. This pregnancy was hard but in a different way. When you are growing a human your focus is on just that, growing a human. Most of my business endeavors slowed down quite a bit as we prepared to expand our family to four and adjust to a new baby in the house. People tell me that I bounced back really fast but this time around was MUCH easier. I think it had to do with the fact that I knew what to expect and was not caught off guard by the many things that comes with motherhood. I also was able to breastfeed this time around which made things a ton easier. And in all honesty, Josiah is just a chill and easy baby. I wanted to give you all a few tips on bouncing back after having a baby in hopes that it helps you when you are in this season of life:

1.)    What works for me may not work for you. It’s true! I can give you all the pointers but honestly sis, you have to do trial and error. What I will tell you is to have a plan. Try and try again. Don’t give up finding your rythym and your path.

2.)    Set your priorities now. When you have a child your priorities change drastically! Just make sure you think about what REALLY matters because these little people grow up so fast.

3.)    Learn to be present.

4.)    Mom guilt is NORMAL and actually healthy. It’s a sign that you care. Just make sure you give yourself a TON of grace. No one is perfect and as long as you are doing your best, that’s enough.

5.)    Schedule in self-care. This can look like a Netflix movie with a bowl of your favorite icecream while someone watches your kid for a few hours. It doesn’t have to be beach resort. But that’s cool too! Bottom line…do something for you!

6.)    Plan far in advance. It will make life MUCH easier. I am usually 6 months to a year planned out. But I don’t plan firm things until 3 months out. Everything else is tentative other than family vacations.

7.)    Spend less time comparing and more time with strategy planning. This applies to your business, your home life, your marriage, etc. The comparison will die when you have a plan that works for you and your family. At least that is the hope.

I hope this helps! Join me on July 9th for my newest show “But First, Coffee with Bridgette Reed” on Instagram TV. All you have to do is following me on Instagram and you will be notified! See you then! Like always, let’s go higher! 

34 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

It’s my born day!! So of course I’ve learned more than 34 lessons about life but to celebrate...these are the lessons that stick out to me today! I Also posted this on my instagram Page. 

 #BirthdayPost #Chapter34

34 Life Lessons (Which one can you relate to?)

1. Your greatest impact will not be seen it will be felt

2. Authentic is so much better than perfect

3. Life goes on after 30; actually it gets better

4. Your deadlines don’t matter; Gods clock is perfect

5. Consistency will produce results

6. Comparison & competition is a waste of time. Just be yourself.

7. Learn to shift with God even when it makes no sense to you.

8. God can & will use your broken pieces. Lay them at His feet.

9. When you’re submitted to God, your 5 & 10 year plan will likely change so write in pencil.

10. God is so very real & He never fails

11. Social media is just a glimpse into people’s lives. Know it’s purpose, but learn to unplug at times.

12. You can’t do it all & that’s okay.

13. Love God, Love His people

14. You don’t have to follow the worlds view of success just submit to Gods guidance.

15. Your validation doesn’t come from money, a job, degree, celebrity or any one person. Gods validation is all you need so move forth by faith.

16. The doctors report doesn’t matter. God heals & has rule over our health.

17. Your marriage comes second ONLY to God. Faith, Family & then Business in that order.

18. People won’t always understand your decisions. Spend less time trying to explain yourself & more time with God.

19. Marriage takes work but it’s so worth it. Let go of the small stuff.

20. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

21. You won’t fit into every crowd, but that’s a good thing

22. “Find your tribe and love on them hard”

23. “Gods delay is not His denial” #waitforit

24. Don’t be afraid to gain & lose friendships. Seasons change & that’s okay.

25. Sometimes you just have to do it afraid, Purpose awaits.

26. Love is a choice, not a feeling in marriage.

27. Rejection is a blessing. That was not your path or your door!

28. Rest

29. One of your biggest life blessings come in the form of two little people. Your children.

30. Always be teachable & humble

31. Be kind to everyone. You never know what they are going through

32. “Progress, Not Perfection”

33. Failure will be your greatest teacher

34. Be Present