34 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

It’s my born day!! So of course I’ve learned more than 34 lessons about life but to celebrate...these are the lessons that stick out to me today! I Also posted this on my instagram Page. 

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34 Life Lessons (Which one can you relate to?)

1. Your greatest impact will not be seen it will be felt

2. Authentic is so much better than perfect

3. Life goes on after 30; actually it gets better

4. Your deadlines don’t matter; Gods clock is perfect

5. Consistency will produce results

6. Comparison & competition is a waste of time. Just be yourself.

7. Learn to shift with God even when it makes no sense to you.

8. God can & will use your broken pieces. Lay them at His feet.

9. When you’re submitted to God, your 5 & 10 year plan will likely change so write in pencil.

10. God is so very real & He never fails

11. Social media is just a glimpse into people’s lives. Know it’s purpose, but learn to unplug at times.

12. You can’t do it all & that’s okay.

13. Love God, Love His people

14. You don’t have to follow the worlds view of success just submit to Gods guidance.

15. Your validation doesn’t come from money, a job, degree, celebrity or any one person. Gods validation is all you need so move forth by faith.

16. The doctors report doesn’t matter. God heals & has rule over our health.

17. Your marriage comes second ONLY to God. Faith, Family & then Business in that order.

18. People won’t always understand your decisions. Spend less time trying to explain yourself & more time with God.

19. Marriage takes work but it’s so worth it. Let go of the small stuff.

20. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

21. You won’t fit into every crowd, but that’s a good thing

22. “Find your tribe and love on them hard”

23. “Gods delay is not His denial” #waitforit

24. Don’t be afraid to gain & lose friendships. Seasons change & that’s okay.

25. Sometimes you just have to do it afraid, Purpose awaits.

26. Love is a choice, not a feeling in marriage.

27. Rejection is a blessing. That was not your path or your door!

28. Rest

29. One of your biggest life blessings come in the form of two little people. Your children.

30. Always be teachable & humble

31. Be kind to everyone. You never know what they are going through

32. “Progress, Not Perfection”

33. Failure will be your greatest teacher

34. Be Present