Business & Breastfeeding



Business and breastfeeding; two words that are rarely in the same sentence. Over the past 7 months that’s exactly what I’ve been going through. Re-launching my businesses and breastfeeding the newest member of our family and let me tell you it has not been easy.  

To give you some context on why this is important let me start by saying that my daughter was a formula baby. When she was 5 days old she was losing weight so fast she almost had to go back into the hospital due to me not being able to give her what she needed. Well that’s at least what I thought. Being a first time parent my husband and I sorta panicked given that she was only 5lbs 7ounces at this point and was losing weight fast. Over the next 4 weeks we went through  a ton trying to find the formula that worked with her body and making sure she was gaining weight. It was a rough road. 

This second time around with Josiah I was determined to breastfeed now that I was ready and more educated on the process. I hired a lactation specialist due to me having prolactinoma which complicated the breastfeeding process the first time around. 

The reason I wanted to write this post is to encourage mompreneurs to press through. As a mom that now has experienced both formula and breastfeeding, it’s true, breast is best BUT there is nothing wrong with formula. Here are my pros and cons of each: 



• Allows for you to get more sleep as your spouse can help with feedings

• No need to pre-pump before going places.  

• Less demanding on your body

• You can eat what you want  

• More freedom with your schedule  


• Baby immune system is not as strong

• Generally speaking, If baby is in daycare be prepared for colds often  

• Baby will likely have issues adjusting to formula if you begin at birth  

• May experience more reflux and gas issues  

• Babies tends to be much larger and gain more weight. (don’t worry they lose it by age 2) 

Bottom Line: Formula benefits the mom/parents the most. The baby is usually the one that suffers the most if at all. Every baby is different but this was my experience.




• Baby’s immune system is supported by moms milk

• Far less colds even when baby is in daycare

• No issues with constipation (as long as mom watches what she eats)  

• Little to no issues with acid reflux

• Less fussy of a baby  

• Baby doesn’t gain that much weight and is more in line with average weights  


• Moms schedule is determined by her milk supply  

• Milk production can increase or decrease based on what you eat  

• Mom has to watch what she eats based upon on the baby responds. 

• Your life revolves around the baby and milk production  


Bottom Line: Breast is best for your baby if you press through. While harder on you than formula, it’s sacrifice that is sooo worth it!

Now mix this in with growing a business and what you have is a slower growing business. My business is moving super slow these days but you know what, I’m totally content with that. I realize my kids will not always be this small and I already feel they are growing too fast and time is moving! 

So if your a mom breastfeeding and trying to grow or launch your business, know that you don’t have to become everything you desire overnight. It’s totally okay to grow slow. It’s actually more peaceful. Rest in God, and remember to trust in Him. He has you and will provide for you! No rush, no anxiety, just trust Him. Take it one day at a time, one step at time. Remember to seek the one that gives wisdom to produce wealth daily! I call it my morning appointment with the boss! His ways are perfect!

Know that this journey is not always easy, it’s not always glamorous and yes you may feel like your moving slower, and you probably are compared to others. But remember not to compare, resist the urge because your gift is in your hands. Your baby!! Visit for inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. Those video will inspire you to be content. You just have a little person that is such a gift needing you more than ever in this season. I’m rooting for you! Like always...let’s go higher! 😘