Summer Bucket List For Families With Small Children

Summer Bucket List

Summer is ALMOST here!! I am so excited because the older my kids get the more I time I want to spend with them! If you’re like me, then you will LOVE this list of things to do during the summer WITH your kids. I can’t wait to enjoy the memories shared and a lot of these things don’t cost much at all. So here it is!! ENJOY!

1.) Go on a hike near a lake

2.) Find rocks to paint

3.) Feed the ducks

4.) Go swimming at the beach

5.) Have a indoor camping trip at home (We don’t like bugs over here)

6.) Make crafts at home

7.) Go to an arts and craft shop together

8.) Go to the waterpark

9.) Find your favorite splash pad

10.) Make gifts to give to the children’s hospital

11.) Run through the sprinklers at home

12.) Fill up the small swimming pool in the back yard and splash around

13.) Paint the sidewalks with chalk

14.) Donate toys to the salvation army

15.) Fly at kite

16.) Have picnic at the park

17.) Go on a road trip (less than 2 hours; for you sanity sake…lol)

18.) Go to the Farmers Market

19.) Make a fruit salad

20.) Read 30 books

21.) Visit the local library

22.) Explore new parks

23.) Go to your favorite kids place (SeaLife, Legoland, Crayola Experience, etc)

24.) Go to your local arboretum and visit the children’s area

25.) Watch the fireworks together

26.) Make patriotic snacks for the Fourth of July

27.) Plant a flower in a flower pot. (Keep it small and simple)

28.) Go get some ice cream

29.) Play in slime!! It’s so fun.

30.) Blow up a ton of plastic balls and through around the house. (Make sure its in a area without anything to break)