How to Stay Focused On Your Goals This Year


Well there it is….another year has gone by and it is now 2019. Something happens the older you get and it’s a weird shift. Yes I look forward to the new as I am always excited about new beginnings but reality sets in even more that I do not have ANY time to waste. With new beginnings bring new hope and new opportunities. But this year more than ever before I am realizing that if I don’t do it now, I can blink and I will be 60. Life is truly short and it’s short because busyness steals our time.

As a  mom and wife, busyness is always around me. There is ALWAYS something to get done. From laundry to meal planning the list is never ending.  My storage closet is currently plaguing me as I so desperately want to organize it and clean it out. Then theirs my sons closet. He is on his way out of our room, he just doesn’t know it yet. This is why I am adamant about being intentional with my time and choosing to spend quality time with my loved ones. It is also why I take so many pictures. Every year I create a book that highlights our families last 12 months and the moments we loved and enjoyed! It is our yearbook to remember all that took place and an opportunity to reminisce on what went by so fast. I find myself stopping in the moments and saying “God, I thank you for this moment.” I realize that it is ONLY by the GRACE of God that He allows me to have these “heart” moments.

I enjoy those moments. So each year, I focus on create experiences. This is my year for Motherhood and Marriages. God is calling our household to serve families. My husband and I are in agreement on this and it has become our focus. This is why I created this free download for moms. It will help you stay focused on your goals that you set throughout the year. The idea is to center yourself and ask yourself where am I and where do I want to go. This download walks you through that process. I created for myself but I wanted to offer it for you as well.

Also, here are few tips I’m using to stay focused on serving Mothers and Marriages:

1.)    I write down my goals in clarity and with deadlines

2.)    I pray every day. “God how can I serve marriages and families today.”

3.)    Use technology to your advantage. Check out this post on the best apps for productivity in 2018

4.)    I refuse to chase what is not for me. I was tempted today. Saw something and was like that’s easy! Then I thought “Bridgette, that is not your focus this year nor will it serve families.” Yep….so true. Moving on.

5.)    Have an accountability group. If your in Dallas feel free to join us at Lily Pad Moms or Marriage & Grace. Either way, find your tribe and ask them to hold you accountable! Trust me, you need it.

6.)    Decide to be disciplined! This is just a fact. Consistency and discipline works! Period..

7.) Repeat Gods word back to yourself. I love this scripture: Philippians 3:15-21

15 So let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision - you'll see it yet! 

16 Now that we're on the right track, let's stay on it. 

17 Stick with me, friends. Keep track of those you see running this same course, headed for this same goal. 

18 There are many out there taking other paths, choosing other goals, and trying to get you to go along with them. I've warned you of them many times; sadly, I'm having to do it again. All they want is easy street. They hate Christ's Cross. 

19 But easy street is a dead-end street. Those who live there make their bellies their gods; belches are their praise; all they can think of is their appetites. 

20 But there's far more to life for us. We're citizens of high heaven! We're waiting the arrival of the Savior, the Master, Jesus Christ, 

21who will transform our earthy bodies into glorious bodies like his own. He'll make us beautiful and whole with the same powerful skill by which he is putting everything as it should be, under and around him.

There are a ton more ways to stay focused but honestly you know you! You know what you need to do this year to remain focus. Whatever it is, make that decision and choice NOW! Choose NOW to do something different. Trust me, you will get a different result. You ready? Let’s go higher.