Scared, But Not Afraid

Tonight we had a thunderstorm and even after all these years when I hear that loud crack in the sky, it always scares me. Josiah, my 8 month old, even jumped next to me when he heard it. But it was what he did next that inspired this blog. He rolled over, looked at me, noticed my calmness and proceeded to play with the blanket again. For a moment, he was scared, but he was not afraid.

If I can be one hundred, 2019 is a bit scary for me. God has commissioned us to do a few things that my first reaction leaves me scared. What God? How? Who? When? Then when I rest in the quietness of my prayers I hear His whispers, “trust me”. I know God is not the author of fear or confusion! I know. I get it says that Gods has not given us the spirit of fear. I know.  

But sometimes we get scared. And sis, I’m hear to share that it is okay. It’s fine. Just make sure your next move looks something like this: 

1. Look up at your Father

2. Notice His calmness

3. Know that He has your best interest and is your protector. 

4. Then go play. Go be great! Do what you were doing. Carry on! 

Like my son scared, but don’t be afraid. 2018 isn’t over and 2019 is waiting. Let’s go higher, together! 😘