My first DIY Home Renovation

Hey friends! It’s that time! I’ve been itching to do this! Ever since we built our home four years ago,  I’ve been waiting for the day that I can upgrade our kitchen. We built our home on a budget so I didn’t get everything I wanted but I knew we had time on our side. And that time has come!   

My first project will be replacing the backsplash in my kitchen area. I just want something to brighten it up a bit. We have a lot of brown and I want something more grayish. We spoke about painting the cabinets white but again I’m not sure. Here are my two options that I got from Mosaic Tile Outlet


As you can see our cabinets are brown and the best option would be “B”, but I think I want to paint the cabinets white. Will it go with our countertops? Good question. I think I’m going to go back to Mosaic Tile Outlet and look at their vast catalog of other options until we find something we love! I can’t wait to share this with you! It’s a finally time!  Husband approves and all! So excited!

I will post more pictures as I move along. If you want to get your own DIY project started go to Mosaic Tile Outlet website and use code BRIDGETTE10 for 10% off your order. Here’s to upgrading in all areas of our lives! Let’s go higher!