Can You Hear Me? Finding Your Voice In The Noise

Have you ever felt like you were talking but no one was listening? I mean of course outside your close circle of friends or family; what about those that don't know you? Are they listening? Is your lane seemingly too "loud" or crowded? 

My mom blog is about my journey, and giving you all a glimpse of how I press through moments of insecurity, failure and to let you know that your not alone. I want you to have a place to come and read and know that someone gets it. Entrepreneurship is hard. Anything worth it is hard. The highlight reel is not a full picture of the days that you have to go back to the drawing board and just try again. It doesn't show the thousands of dollars you spent on projects that just didn't work out. It doesn't show the people that come nor the people that go. It doesn't show the long nights and the days you lack support. 

I have been through all of those things. Each one has taught me a lesson so I encourage you to fail fast and fail cheap. That was the best advice someone gave me. What is means is learn fast and learn without wasting TOO much money. Truth is we are always learning as the consumer landscape is always changing. 15 years ago social media was just getting started now whole businesses run online.  

Need to know if they can hear you? Do one 100% authentically you! Blessings!