Favorite Mom Product of the Month! May 2019

Motherhood can be hard. It doesn’t have to be but sometimes it is. As you feel the weight of worrying about something that has to do with your kid, you realize that you need to give yourself and other mothers a break. We’re actually in this together. That’s why when Snugbaba connected we me about her mom brand I got so excited! She has a few genius products that I would love for you to know about. 

Lets start first with her detachable onsies. These are amazing because as your kid grows the feet actually come off and he/she can grow into them without you having to buy more onsies. Check them out at https://snugbubusa.com/


 The other product that I love in her onsie line is the wipeable onsie. Like I just wish I heard about these sooner and I totally needed them with my daughter! I still need them with my daughter but I digress (she can make a mess!). For Josiah he’s drooling a ton as he’s still teething, so his clothes are constantly needing to be changed. Like total win! I don’t recommend a product that I don’t myself use and both of these are definitely being used. 


Again you can find them located at the following places:  

1) Instagram page:


2) FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SnugBubUSA

3) Newsletter Sign-up:

Visit https://snugbubusa.com