Buying a Car with Small Children Can Be Fun!

We’ve all seen it. Those restless children screaming there heads off in the dealership due to waiting for long hours while their parents decide on which car to buy, go through the process of finances and then waiting longer for the car to get ready to take home. It can be a grueling process and one that is not suited for kids that don’t have the patience to self-entertain for up to 6 plus hours. 

I remember my own process a few years ago. My oldest daughter was only 6 months so thankfully we caught her during her afternoon nap time but as the 3 hour marked neared and she began to wake up.  My husband and I then took turns walking her stroller around a dealership while singing her favorite songs. That lasted another two hours while they finalized my financing and prepared my car. Now that I have a 10 week old and a very active two year old, I can’t imagine doing that again. It would be a complete nightmare with my daughter really affecting the sales of these hard working men and women with her multiple interruptions of her playing chase me around the room. We had to learn that game the hard way and in public. Not fun, at least for us. She seemed to be having a blast as we tried numerous ways to entertain her and calm her tantrums down.

So how can buying a car with small children be fun?! Glad you asked. Insert Joydrive here.  It’s the easiest way to purchase a car online! 

Here are some awesome things you must know! 

• You can do it all from your home. The looking, the financing, etc.  

• The car will get delivered straight to your door step  

• $500 reserves any car you want. Then you have the option to purchase it! 

• Don’t like the car, just return it within 5 days!  

Sounds like a win-win to me! Check out this awesome article recently written about it and this new trend families are loving!

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Thank me later! 😘