Your Self-Care Summer Guide


Truth days are seemingly running together and my plate is overflowing with the responsibilities of being a new mom, having an very active toddler, being a good wife, friend, sister, daughter, active church member and volunteer, influencer, business owner while ALSO working on three major projects. Yes, something has to go. While I’m sorting through my crazy to do list, I recently decided on one things that MUST come first this summer....self-care. They seem like buzz words these days as we see and read about them everywhere but Sis, they are so vital to our overall balance and self-maintenance in life. So I’m writing this list for me. You can use it to but I needed somewhere to remind me what I can do other than do all my “stuff” this summer. Something for just breathe. So here it list of 10 things to help me  have really good rest and self care. Enjoy! 

1. Get a hobby. This might sound weird but I thought I had a hobby of writing and reading because I love to do but then I realized it was all towards a purpose of a project or something. Like now I’m reading on parenting and writing for my blog. I need a hobby that has NOTHING to do with a project or goal. I might try painting or finally learning to play the violin. 

2. Indulge in your favorite beverage. This is totally unique to where I am right now. So recently I’ve been like crazy addicted to Sweet Tea and the tea I love the most is from McAllisters. Well during my 3 visit this week to McAllisters they had these tumblers our that were available for purchase and guess what guys, you get $99 refills as often as you like. Really?!! My eyes lit up! Then she went on to share that June 21st is #FreeTeaDay. Umm...yes please! Just another way for me enjoy something JUST for me.  

3. Be around water. It’s hot here in Texas. Next week we will have 3-4 days of 99 degree weather. So being outside is a little miserable unless your somewhat immersed in water. I’m sure there is a study somewhere that says being around water helps your emotional well-being. It sure does for me so every opportunity I get to be in water or at a lake, pond etc. I’m there. And the goal is to just be present 

4. Just be present. Put the phone down! I know...I get it. You have a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) that no one is willing to admit they have. It’s okay...the social giants are working on creating more things like Instastory to keep our addiction strong but in the meantime....have a moment to yourself. Forget your phone one day on purpose at home...leave home. It’s so beautiful and peaceful! Like really..try it!  

5. Take your shoes off and run in the grass. Feel th earth beneath your feet and be a kid again! We work hard but sometimes I think we have forgotten how to play well!

6. Find every opportunity to laugh! I recently got this game that you put a mouthpiece in your mouth and you and your family or friends have to guess what your saying. It’s hilarious! Laughter is not only good for the souls it burns calories! For the win!

7. Exercise. Not too lose weight but just to get your body moving and for those endorphins to flow! They are the feel good hormone so it’s a win all the way around. I think I’m going to try going biking again. I use to do it a lot and just fell off.  

8. Make your bed every day. Sounds simple right! I stopped doing it with my crazy schedule but the other day when I went to take a photo of my son, I made our bed and it felt great just walking in the room and seeing at least one space organize and clean. (No’s been a struggle! Lol!) 

9.  Join a book club. For me I needed a online book club. I’ve never really been apart of one so for my summer read this year I joined Cultivate What Matter Book club. Google’s amazing. Thank me later!

10. Get in the presence of God as often as you can. Talk about a spiritual detox! It’s something about His presence that makes all things new. I feel SUPER rested and ready to conquer the world when I get in the presence of God. 

Enjoy your summer ladies...and matter! No one can pull from a empty well! Keep it full and fresh! With love!  - Bree