Keeping Baby Cool in the Summer Heat

This week has been a whirlwind in most of the US. Yesterday I called my mom and she said it was 94 degrees in Michigan. Down here in North Texas it was also in the 90s. One thing I had to prepare for recently was preparing my 2 month old for the crazy heat when we have to venture outside. 

Here are a few tips for all you mommas:

1. If possible start your car and let it cool down before putting the baby in there. 

2. Invest in a window heat shield. It helps keep the temperature at a manageable level while your car is sitting out in the sun. 

3.  For babies in car seats try getting a car seat insert that cools the baby’s back. I found one at Buy Buy Baby called “Meeno Baby Car seat Insert”. My 2 month old has a tendency to sweat in his car seat so this keeps his back cool.

4. Baby fans. This is amazing for keeping my son Josiah cool. It’s battery operated and clips onto his car seat. Everywhere I go people love it. Great for keeping baby cool in the car and while your out and about. 

5. Lastly...Sis...listen closely...please don’t risk running into that store, House, etc and leaving the baby in the car. I know...I get me. I use to be that judgemental person watching the news and thinking how could they?!! But now I see it...we moms have a lot on our plates. Slow down, realize that it’s just not worth it. If you don’t have help...if you can’t get it today...everything will be alright. No heat, no judgement....just wisdom. Stay focused on what matter and that’s the life of your baby. He/She needs you so please don’t leave him in this crazy summer heat. Try some of the tips above. I hope it helps. 

Said with SO much love! Let’s go higher! 😘