The Power Of One: Weight Loss & Business Success


The larger your numbers the better right? Not always. In a world of “having more is better”, I want to introduce to you how the power of one has transformed my life.

Let’s start with weight loss. While I was pregnant with my daughter I gained exactly 41 pounds. The doctors want you to gain between 30-40 pounds so I wasn’t too concerned until AFTER she was born. I was expecting the weight to just fall off. For the first few weeks, the weight did fall off….then it stopped. I was thinking okay what now. I have never been “overweight” and this new weight was making me feel horrible! I hated it.  But even though I hated it, I could not lose it. My frustration was capped when I was in Mexico on our annual anniversary trip and we took a ton of photos. I then said to myself “Yea, this is out of control”. I’ll never forget feeling like I could not recognize the person in the mirror and it felt horrible.  When we arrived back home, I was on mission lose this fat. That was last year and since then I have dropped 20 pounds. Here is what I believe did it for me:

1.)    I made changes in my everyday diet. Less fast food and if I had to go to the fast food place, I decided to get something healthy. One choice.

2.)    I removed soda and sweets from my diet. I still had some but only occasionally at family dinners.

3.)    I did the vegan reset. Just Google it to find out more. Great way to jump start your process.

4.)    MOST IMPORTANTLY: I changed how I viewed this huge mountain. I remember telling myself “Bridgette, the reason it seems overwhelming is because you are looking at the big picture. Just look at the next step and decision. Take it one choice and decision at at time. So whatever is your next choice, make it a healthy one. Then the next choice. ONE decision at time.” 

I cannot express how powerful it was for me not to look at the big mountain but just in my next step. That has transformed me and now I am here 20 pounds lighter and I feel great! I still want to lose 30 more pounds to reach my goal weight but it feels SO good to know I am headed in the right direction.

The second area that this applies to is in business success.  It is true, business is a numbers game. The more people you can get your business in front of the more reach you have and the better probability that you will have sales. That’s why most people are trying to be “Insta-Famous” or get a million followers. But I want to share with you the power of ONE.

While growing my stationery company, I had a young lady that loved our products so much she posted our company on her blog page. All of a suddenly I had literally hundreds of sales coming in and I had no idea why. After researching it, I found her blog post. She has a blog that attracts 2 million readers a month. ONE person…..I never asked her to do it, she just did it on her own. Not only did she do it once, she did it TWO times within a six month period. I sent her some free items and a HUGE thank you. She didn’t have to do that, and I so appreciate her. So while everyone is going after a million followers which may or may not get a return on their investment, there may be ONE person that you need to connect with that will transform your business and life.

What can you gather from this? Don’t chase the crowds. Cultivate one relationship at a time. You never know if that person is your ONE.

The last area that the power of ONE can transform your life in is in your relationship with God. I think if we aren't careful, our busy lives can get in the way of quality time with God.  Days can go by before we sit down for long enough time to soak in what God is saying to us in this season. But even with this, don't think about how far you have gone without Him, think about your next choice. Even if you have strayed away from God, you are one decision away from reconnecting. I have heard people say "I've done too many bad things, I'm just not good enough".  Guess what? You are MORE than enough and with ONE choice....God can set you on a new path towards TOTAL FREEDOM! If you need someone to pray with you, let me know....we can do this. 

Have a great week! Let’s go higher!