A Smoothie Recipe For Pregnant or New Moms To Get More Energy!

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If I had one word to describe how I felt most of the time when I was pregnant it would definitely be tired! My energy was low mostly up until the second trimester. With both pregnancies I could have used more energy and a better healthy overall. This smoothie mixture is super healthy and gives you tons of energy. The key ingredient is Protiva. It has:

• 15 grams of collagen protein in every serving⁣

• 15 servings per container⁣

• Only 2 grams of sugar per serving⁣

• Along with collagen, Protiva Pregnancy includes specific prenatal nutrients that help to benefit women as they’re pregnant, improving protein levels and energy, including Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc and Copper⁣

• The ONLY collagen clinically-tested and proven to be safe & effective⁣

• Collagen helps pregnant women boost protein levels, improving energy⁣

• Helps skin tone and ligament strength as the woman’s body grows and stretches ⁣

• Added nutrients are complementary to prenatal

So to say this while make you feel a ton better is an understatement. Here is how I make my smoothie:  

Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie Recipe For New or Expecting Moms: 

1 cup of Apple Juice (or your favorite base; coconut water; almond milk) 

1/2 a cup of ice

1 scoop of vanilla flavored Protiva  

5-6 Medium Sized Strawberries  (frozen or unfrozen. I prefer unfrozen) 

  Blend all ingredients together...ENJOY!

Takes all of 5 minutes to do and you will feel better right away!

Disclaimer: As always please consult your doctor before trying anything. I am not a doctor.