The Truth About “Momma’s Boys”


Josiah expressed what looked liked his first crush today on a beautiful little one year girl. He didn’t know I was standing there watching but I witnessed my son crawl all the way across the room and share his toy with this little baby girl. She seemed to welcome the gesture. As I approached him, all his attention became on me. Yay, I’m still number one! Lol! Then it hit me. Is this what all moms of boys feel? Truthfully, I have never been a fan of “momma’s boys” until I had a son. I felt like these young men should let go already and just be free. Lol. Oh, how I have a different perspective now. I still feel the same about letting go but I understand the value of that bond and relationship more than ever now. I appreciate it on new level. I actually admire it now. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Just think, your raising someone’s husband, a leader, a world changer. Same for my daughter. I’m raising someone’s wife, leader, world changer. I cherish motherhood. I don’t idolize it, I feel called to it. It goes beyond #momlife, it’s a real calling and passion I never knew I had. I’m taking it, embracing it and loving every moment. Even the hard ones.