Re-Routing Through Life

Hey Friends! 

My last blog was last year in October 2017. It was at that time that I was just getting over being really sick from my first trimester of pregnancy with my second child. I'm happy to report that I gave birth to a HEALTHY baby boy named Josiah! I have made some changes and wanted to update all my friends and followers. 

First, this website is no longer called "Business With Bridgette". While I am still "consulting" on a case by case basis, I felt limited in what I can write about and share on this blog. Anyone that knows me knows that I do not like boxes, and I felt a little boxed in with the topics on this website. This website is now called "Doing Life With Bridgette." I will expand the topics to anything that has to do with faith, family, marriage, entrepreneurial moms, or just tips that I am finding in life that works for me. It will be more of lifestyle blog/website. 

I will also be offering e-courses in other areas as well. It is my goal to have free and paid e-courses to help women prosper. in life I pray that by visiting you will be empowered as a wife and mom and feel inspired in faith, family and business. I truly believe that is my purpose in life. 

Olivia Sophia Stationery will be re-launching again in a few weeks with new products which I'm excited about so that is still going on. We took a small break as I prepared for my second child but we are excited to get going again. 

ALSO.....I have a vlog channel now that I upload to every week. It is my opportunity to share the behind the scenes of my life (it's really normal) but it is also the platform that I will be sharing the "Just Walk With Me" web series. Just click here to learn more about that web series. 

That's all for now. I have set plan on blogging, but will update you all as needed. Until next time lovelies! Reach out if you have a questions or need help in a certain area.