A Cure For Burnout- Unplug

We live in a day and age where we are glued to our phones, social media on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others. It honestly can become too much at times definitely as a business owner with a family and is involved with your church community.  Your family needs you the most and God wants to speak to you, but how often do we miss our quiet time with God yet make sure to post something online. I can admit, I’ve done it. (Insert cringe) I hate when I do it, but when I do, I see the need to unplug.  When I sense myself getting short with my husband or with other people, that is my sign that I am on the brink of burn out.

If I can be really honest, at first I was having a HARD time unplugging because most, about 80% of my businesses is ran online. This year that number will go up as we are doing things a little different. With that being said, I feel obligated to log on and check my stats on this, update my Facebook fan on my business website, do a live video, post a picture on IG. It can be A LOT! My fear is that my daughter will grow up thinking, being on your phone all the time is the normal way of life and while it is definitely a huge part of our society, face to face communication is STILL important. Unplugging is so necessary! I’m a work in progress in this area to be honest. I still haven’t found a way to do enough and not feel like I was abandoning my customer base.

You all know I am big on balance. But even at times, I find that I need to re-calibrate. Things can get out of hand fast but learning to unplug is so key to managing your time, your emotions, etc.

With all that being said, I am working on a few courses for you all that will help you get the income you want on your terms and what to do with that income to keep on growing. Keep an eye out, my goal is to have it ready for you by September 2017. You can sign up for our email list or by clicking on the contact link and letting me know that you want to be added to our list.

This blog is not answer to your problems, but more me saying, I feel you and let's go do this thing called life together.   Let's go higher together. 😘