Is Your Business Killing You? (Your Health Matters)

Today I wanted to share with you all the importance of being healthy while growing your business. All too often I see business-owners pulling all-nighters while drinking Mountain Dew or 5 Hour energy drinks all for the sake of the sale. I get it, and have done it myself but is that healthy? Not at all. Before I had my baby, I use to do crazy stuff all the time like that, but after having her my priorities changed. Not only did I want to be a healthier person, but I wanted to also know that I can enjoy the fruits of my labor long-term. Is it amazing to get a million dollar contract and cancer diagnoses in the same day? No. But it happens ALL the time. People get these awesome deals and the sacrifice is their health.

I want to encourage my readers to slow down. Find balance. I was sharing with a client recently that I only work on my stationery company 2.5 days out of the week. This is outside of regular posting and marketing. The actually hand labored work is only done a few days a week. For me this works because I want to put my marriage and family first and I want to cook healthy meals. I want to have mental, physical and emotional balance. Being on vacation this past week has revealed  yet again how important it is to focus on yourself and have soulcare often. The soul consist of the mind, the will and the emotions……and that needs tending in order for you to function at 100%. Your family, your friends, and your business needs you at 100%. 

Let me share this with you. In 2011 I was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumor. A few years before that my hair started falling out. Looking back now, I can see that I was under an IMMENSE amount of stress. My environment was making me sick, my mental state was making me sick and my out of balanced life-style was making me sick. What is your body telling you?

Another example.....while on vacation, my skin cleared up to a point that I hadn’t seen in years. I showed my husband and we both agreed that something MAJOR had changed. What was it? Well, the jury is still out on that and I will be going to see a dermatologist but I really do believe having less to do had something to do with it. What is your body tell you? What area are you out of balance in?

I created this 10-Day Vacation Detox Program for anyone that wants to get healthy, lose 10 pounds or just get back to a healthier lifestyle. I have included 10 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner, recipes and a shopping list. It’s my way of giving back to the business community. It cost NOTHING. That’s right…it’s completely free. Our journey begins May 16th. Make sure you sign up on our email list to get the daily emails for encouragement or follow @BusinessWithBridgette on Instagram.

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