How to Manage Your Time Better

Kids, Husband, Work, Business, Church, Community....oh my!! So many things that pull our attention and as women we are ALWAYS trying to to please everyone. I totally get it. I have the greatest issue with saying "NO". But life taught me that if I don't say will all just fall apart as I try to juggle things I never was meant to juggle. Here are just a few key ways of managing your time better:

1.) Learn to Say NO! I taught a course on communication and there is an art in saying no. It goes something like this: "Hey sis, can you type of this document for me?" "I can't type up the document for you today as I'm working on a few other things, but if you ask your brother he might have more time to do it well". The key is to offer another better solution for them that doesn't include you. Other times, you just have to say "I don't have the time, I'm sorry." 

2.) Choose your priorities! This is so key. If something is being added to your plate that doesn't align with the mission and vision for your life it needs to be eliminated. 

3.) Hire help if it is in your budget. A virtual assistant works wonders for busy mompreneurs! Do yourself a favor. A great place to find one is

4.) Be present. I know this sounds like a given, but so often we are stretched in so many ways that we are never present. Make sure you give your full attention to your family, that project, that dinner, or your friends. Give the gift of you at 100%. That may mean putting your phone down. 

5.) Get a planner or if you are digital use the tools that are available. The life you want or desire is within your reach but you MUST use the tools you have around you! I'm confident you can do this!