Motherhood Taught Me......

Motherhood Taught Me.....png

Well, here we are, three and half years after I embarked upon the journey of a lifetime, literally. I wish I could say that reading all the books prepared me for my journey of motherhood, but the truth is, it felt like a rude awakening. If you’re expecting your first child I don’t say this to sound negative. I am that person that rejects all negative advice and only wants the best. I want think, speak and see the best in every situation. This applied to motherhood as well. Everyone has a different journey, some are harder than others, but we each are given a grace for OUR journey. Here are a few things motherhood taught me:

  1. Embrace the imperfections. As a person that sets goals and gives it my all, motherhood taught me that things will OFTEN times not go as planned. It took me a LONG time to realize that this is something to embrace instead of fighting it. I felt like a failure as a mom at first. I remember feeling like I wasn’t doing this right when I had complications breastfeeding my firstborn, my daughter. It was a ROUGH journey, but it was my introduction to embrace imperfect.

  2. The world I knew before doesn’t exist anymore and now that I have a little person to look after the life I once lived is now enhanced in every beautiful and challenging way. I felt like I walked through a door and it shut behind me and disappeared. This new world of motherhood is all consuming if you let it. For me, I found a new identity still with my dreams intact. You don’t have to lose yourself in motherhood, you just find out who you are in the midst of it. Often times its a better version as the love you now exude transforms you.

  3. To slow down and enjoy the moments. These moments are simply some of the best moments of your life. I know it, I can feel, no has to tell me, the joy unspeakable is contagious and addicting. It’s the smell of flower I never want to go away. Its my favorite scent and while I want it to stay, it HAS to pass me by. Motherhood is not something to idolize, its something to enjoy, to experience.

  4. Be present. This world has changed. I am apart of the generation the remembers what it was like BEFORE the internet. The internet has made us more distracted. Whether you agree or not, we have more attention on our phones and online. The problem with this is these little people grow so fast and to me time sped up when I had children. As stated in number three, really try hard to cherish every moment. Take the photo, then put the phone down. Sometimes, don’t even take the photo, the beauty of that moment may best be shared in your memory.

  5. Be intentional about family time. From making weekly dinners to daily prayer times with your kids, I’ve learned that THESE are the big moments of my week. Being a stay at home mom has given me even more focus to create these moments. They are the glue to building solid and fruitful relationships with those that matter within our homes.

These are just a FEW of the MANY lessons I’ve learned. I may do a part two as my children grow because each age is different. I’m in the one to three year age range now and I’m even learning more now that I have a son and a daughter. The two are so different. What has motherhood taught you?