Where Am I? Am I Distracted?

Focus: (v) (of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly (Webster dictionary)

Truth is, at times I get distracted. My most recent distraction has come in the form of routine. In order to have any type of sanity with my home life / mom life / wife life, I have to establish some sort of routine. For me, routines can be boring. I try to intentionally schedule in moments of spontaneity in order to stir my creativity but honestly, sometimes that is not possible. Other times, my distractions come from what I called the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  I get it. Trust me I do and it took me a long time to even admit this is something I ever struggled with. I have done MANY things and been involved with a ton of opportunities, but as great as that has been for me, it has not helped me stay focus. When I get distracted I tend to question my journey. I ask if I’m doing the right things. I seek God for answers He has already given me. What I have learned is how to bounce back from being distracted. This time around I tried something different and I want to encourage anyone that may, like me, feel distracted at times.

1.)    I admitted to myself that I am distracted. This self-confession is so good for the soul. It increases your self-awareness and helps you give yourself grace.

2.)     Now that I realize where I am, I ask myself, what do I need to refocus? Inspirational books, conferences, speakers, or artistic expression are ways I get my focus back. My favorite places to find inspiration are:

a.       Podcast (there are tons out there that are really good. Try to listen to at least one per week, most likely on a Sunday/Monday; begin the week off right)

b.      Magazines: I like magazines because they aren’t books. They don’t require the long-term commitment of a book. I try to get a variety of magazines in the industries that appeal to me.

c.       Music: LIKE YES! Music has an amazing abilityto get me back on track. It’s the right track, with the right words conveying the whispers of my heart.

d.      Museums: I have no agenda. I just want to go and look and be inspired. The questions I often ask what was the artist thinking when they created this piece?

e.      Other people: I thoroughly enjoy deep conversation. Not all people do, but when I find someone that does, it is VERY inspirational for me

f. The word of God. I personally enjoy reading The Message version of the bible because it feels like I am reading a letter from a distant friend. Such an easy read and understand. 

3.)    Make a plan. If you are anything like myself, plans get me REALLY focused. I find when my plans change or I do not re-visit my plans it is hard to keep focus. I use Lara Casey’s PowerSheets to keep and set my goals. Feel free to find them here.

4.)    Stretch Yourself: Nothing great is found within your comfort zone right? So do something that you know will make you uncomfortable.  For me, it is meeting new people and allowing them in my inner circle. That is HARD for me. My trust levels with people are still kind sketchy, but over time I’m learning that not everyone is bad, mean or have ulterior motives. 

5.)    Find joy in the simple things. My daughters smile. I can’t explain the joy she gives me and inspires me at the same time.

6.)    Write your thoughts out on paper. Get a Journal or start blog.

If you are distracted, try one of those things. Whatever it takes, stay focused on what really matters. Let go of anything that is taking up too much of your time. The worst thing is a whole year going by or even half a year, and you realized you didn’t accomplish half the things you set out to accomplish. It's not about getting it done perfect, it's about moving along (progress). As Lara says, "Progress not Perfection".  Time goes by so fast and it is important that we maximize our days. Until next time lovelies……