Power Couples: What to Do When The Purpose Of Your Marriage Isn't Obvious 

It's Anniversary week! This week (May 4th) my husband and I celebrate 4 years of marriage so this weeks blog is for married couples!

We live in an age where people desire to be some definition of something they see as successful. Today it's a career or ministry, tomorrow its marriage, then the house and kids and to cap it off it's the Power Couple.

I'm seeing this term more and more so I wanted to share our story with you in hopes that someone would be encouraged. My husband comes from a background of Pastors, preachers, singers, and musicians. When I met him I said, "You're either a preacher or musician" , he just looked the part. Well, he was a PK (preachers kids) and a well-known drummer here in Dallas (played for a popular mega-church, and many of the major gospel artist) After God confirmed that He was the one for me, I started looking at his background to see if our "purposes" aligned.

At first, I was confused! I don't have a musical bone in my body (well I have a talent to sing in 6 keys at one time; which my husband says is truly a talent...anyway I , I do have a background in church planting but we're both in agreement that Pastoring is NOT our calling (at least not until the Lord opens the skies and says so). When you have seen the rough nitty gritty of the call up close and personal, me in church planting and him as a PK...that's not something you run to's truly a calling. So...where do we go from there? We stopped worrying about it and just said...let's just enjoy our relationship and God will reveal it in time.

My husband is someone I truly look up to because he is so confident in who he is and feels no need or desire to try and fit societies terms of who he is supposed to be on any level. That freedom has ministered to me on many days. It has guided us to realize that our calling as a couple is to other couples. Not only did we know that before we got married, but it has been confirmed through close friends and Pastors as well. But we were barely married. Needless to say, when you are called to something be ready the test are coming! Boy did they come.

Our marriage has been tested on every side it seems in 4 short years and just when we got it worked out, we get pregnant (our miracle birth...I'll share that on another post). A new baby brought new challenges. Where was our purpose in all of this...God was slowly giving us nuggets and revelation through it all!

I wanted to write this post because we not only feel called to married couples. We feel called to couples that aren't your typical "Power Couple" or couples that feel like they are Purpose partners but God is still revealing His idea when He confirmed their marriage. The good news is that even in this area FAITH is required as sometimes you just don't see it. As you walk forward, God reveals His plans. We have found this to be true in our marriage. As we walk forward we see it more and more. 

You see, it's not fair for us to place God in a box. Our boxes are small and narrow-minded but we serve a big, loving, creative God aware of our needs and of His perfect plan. So if you’re like me and my husband and were ever sitting around thinking "How do we fit" Just keep going, praying, enjoying each other and over time God will reveal it to you both! Don't compare your marriage to someone else's because again...God doesn't fit into boxes. Maybe he's called you both to do some trailblazing or something unique or never seen! Our God is so innovative so be open to His ways and remember not to stress about it. Enjoy each other and most importantly enjoy the journey! 

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