Boy 1st birthday photo shoot

(Do It Yourself) 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot (DIY)

DIY Cake Smash Photo Shoot.png

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We had so much fun doing Josiahs 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot. I ever wonder why I paid for this with  my daughter, but she was my first and we all know what those first babies do to us new parents. So here is how I did Josiah’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot along with everything I used.. It was Black & White Theme.

  1. Find an area in your home that has great natural lighting and a wall that is parallel to that window. We used our dining room and moved the table out of the room. We kept the blinds closed so the sun wouldn’t be too bright for the photos.


2. The next thing we did is put up this grey paper backdrop that we got from Amazon on that wall facing the window.



3. After that we hung up this tassel streamer to add depth and character to the photo.


4. We blew up some balloons and started taking photos! We used these balloons and I take all my pictures and even my vlogs with this camera.

5. We got a LARGE cupcake from Target instead of destroying a whole cake. We got a cake topper that was super cute as well.

6. I downloaded LightRoom by Adobe on my cellphone app which is free to edit these photos. That’s it. Super easy and way cheaper! It was also super fun! Here are some photos to help you see how it all turned out. Have fun!

What you need:

  1. A wall with great lighting in front

  2. A nice paper backdrop. Click here for the one I used

  3. Cute tassel or decor

  4. Balloons or decor of your choosing

  5. Large Cupcake

  6. Cake Topper or cupcake topper

  7. Nice Camera or your cellphone

  8. Adobe Lightroom (free in your app store)

  9. The cutest kid to take photos of…..ENJOY! Tons of fun!