E-Commerce Marketing For Profit

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January 13, 2018 %E2%80%A8@ 11_00am (1).png

E-Commerce Marketing For Profit

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This course will go into detail of marketing your store after you launch it online and how to market it and make it profitable. If you haven't already taken "Launch Your Own Profitable Stationery & Gifts Store Online in One Week", we highly recommend it as this teaching will give you the solid foundation needed to build upon even if your store is in a different niche. Bridgette Reed will dive into the common mistakes most people make with marketing and look into common pitfalls to wasteful spending.

We will also explore:

- 5 Common Mistakes in marketing an online store

- How to figure out what your niche likes and the route to take 

- Free tools you can use to market your store

- Digital apps to grow your influence and social media reach

- How I grew my customer base to 15,000 in 10 months and how you can do that even faster 

- How to use Instagram to Monetize your e-store


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